Secrets to Successfully Implementing (and Profiting From) Digital Services

by Anthony Dominic
Feb 28, 2017

In Club Industry's latest webinar, FIT-C President Bryan O'Rourke highlights ways to address consumer expectations with services such as online memberships and on-demand training services.

Power has shifted to the consumer. This message was at the heart of Club Industry’s latest webinar, “5 Simple Ways to Use Technology to Increase Revenue,” presented by Bryan O’Rourke and sponsored by Twin Oaks.

This shift allows health club operators the opportunity to implement or improve various facets of their fitness businesses, such as online membership sales and on-demand personal training services.

Club Industry live-tweeted highlights of the presentation.

O’Rourke outlined four key drivers affecting the fitness industry today: consumers, technology, globalism and economics. He also identified three key consumer trends: flaunt culture, beneficial intelligence and perspective shift.

By considering these factors, club operators can come to understand how they apply to specific clients and business models. In doing so, operators will come to understand which digital solutions may be best for a particular situation, O'Rourke said.

He warned against the “hype-cycle challenge,” or a typical emotional arc club operators experience when attempting to understand and implement technology from a business standpoint. When in doubt, O’Rourke encouraged collaboration or “orchestration.”

If you're feeling overwhelmed, O'Rourke recommends digitizing these five aspects of your business:

  1. Online membership sales
  2. Returns management
  3. Recurring value add billing services
  4. Personal training services
  5. Marketing, selling and billing for groups

For more about how to make the most of these tips, view the free on-demand version of this webinar here. You can also view an archive of other past Club Industry webinars here.

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